Web Design Resources

People constantly ask me for information and resources to help them with specific parts of designing websites. So, I have put together some helpful links and resources below.

Official Web Language Sites

The official web site for the PHP programming language. Containing forums, information and support.

Mysql Official Site
The official web site for the world's most popular open source database.

W3C World Wide Web Consortium
Develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential. W3C is a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding. Search all web programming languages.

The official web site for Microsoft's ASP programming language. Contains support documentation and forums.

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Most Popular Web Browsers

Internet Explorer
The official site for Microsoft's browser, currently used by about 85% of web surfers.

Mozilla Firefox
The official site for Mozilla's Firefox browser. The best browser out there. Fast, great features and able to import all favorites and settings from Internet Explorer and other browsers.

The Safari browser from Apple. The fastest browser out there and slowly becoming a very popular offering since Apple released a Windows version. Recommended.

The official site for Opera. Another great web browser. Has advanced cross-platform browser technology for desktop, phones and other mobile products.

The official site for Netscape. This has improved greatly since the versions of the late nineties, now a very good browser.

YellowPipe Lynx Viewer Tool
Installs into your Firefox browser. Allows you to see how your website looks in a text browser, such as Lynx. Very useful for ensuring quality navigation is present in the build of your website.

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Disability Accessibility Guidelines for Web Design

Web Developer Toolbar
A superb toolbar for help with testing and checking your sites for disability compliance.

Disability Rights Commission
The online library. View and order the policies, and find out the latest news and research.

Watchfire Webxact
A free service that tests your pages for accessibility and quality.

Web Accessibility Initiative
Guidelines and resources for making accessible websites.

Employers' Forum on Disability
Click on publications to read about the book they wrote on disability.

Web Accessibility and the DDA
A useful essay written by Martin Sloan about web site accessibility.

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Web Development Scripts

The PHP Resource Index
PHP scripts of all varieties that are ready for use on your web site.

The net's largest PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection.

Where web developers and designers learn how to build web sites, program in Java and JavaScript, and More!

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Web Script Validation

HTML Validator
Check that your web pages are compliant with the latest standards of HTML design.

RSS/XML Validator
Check that your RSS/XML scripts are valid with this useful tool.

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Web Page Design

Web Design from Scratch
A complete guide to designing web sites that work. Includes tutorials, with links through to e-books for more information.

CSS Design: Size Matters
There are many different ways of setting font sizes in your pages and many obstacles, made by different browsers, to these methods. So what is the best method for setting font size? This article has an effective method.

W3 Browser Stats
The trends in browser usage and current browser usage percentage figures from W3.

The JavaScript Source
A fantastic resource containing useful javascripts for your web site.

Some funky JavaScript effect scripts which you can download and use in your web site designs.

Favicon from pics.
Create a favicon for your site from any photo or image using this handy tool.

Freelance Copywriting
An English freelance copywriter with 14 years in journalism, copywriting and editing.

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MySQL Reference Sites

Juicy Studio MySQL Reference
A useful MySQL reference resource.

Optimising MySQL Guide
Some useful ideas on how to optimise your MySQL queries.

Tips for Optimising MySQL Queries
Some more useful hints and tips on optimising your MySQL queries.

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Useful Stock Photography Sites
The Micropayment Stock Photography sites are 'pay for' sites, but the payment for each photo for web design use is minimal (about $1 per photo) and the available stocks are of very high quality and variation.

View My Portfolio
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Fonts, Graphics and Multimedia

Finding free fonts and clipart on the Internet can be a nightmare. Sites have a habit of sending you round in circles, making it a baffling search. So I am listing a few useful sites here as I find them.

Thousands of free PC and Mac fonts. Either download individual fonts for free or download the whole lot in one go for a small charge.

A useful free clipart site.

Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. Well worth a look.

Free Favicon
A favicon is the little image that appears next to a website address in the URL bar of the browser. This is a great website that allows you to download a range of great favicon image files for free.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Advanced Web Ranking
Check your website rankings in the search engines with this useful software. 30 day trial, $59 to buy.

Google Ranking Factors
A checklist of possible SEO factors for Google.

High Rankings
A great site for learning about how to optimise your site for the search engines. Lots of information, tutorials and forums.

Overture Keyword Selector Tool
Get an indication of the popularity of suggested keywords using Overture's excellent tool.

LinkVendor Professional SEO Tools
Some excellent SEO tools to help you learn, understand and improve the traffic coming to your website.

Overture Bid Viewer Tool
Find out how much suggested keywords are being bid for on Overture. This gives you an indication of the prices that people are bidding for keywords related to your site. Useful if you use Overture or Google Adsense.

The Dowser Free Keyword Tool
Keyword research tool. Simply enter a keyword and it will give you Overture bid costs and other keyword suggestions. There is a simple free version and a more comprehensive 'pay-for' version.

Google Datacentre Check
Check out the keyword positioning, number of links and PageRank of your site and your immediate competitition with this useful tool.

SearchStatus Firefox Extension
A very useful browser extension for Firefox, this is designed for the highly specialised needs of search engine marketers. The toolbar provides extensive search-related information about a site, all conveniently displayed in one compact toolbar.

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Web Site Security

AntiSpamBot Mailto
A very useful script for encrypting your email addresses in your web site. Why do this? Well many spammers deploy spiders which go from web site to web site looking for email addresses in the HTML code. Once it has found your address, it will add it to its list. Consequently you will be spammed. This script encrypts your email address in the code, which prevents it from being indexed and logged by these spiders.

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Other Useful Links

Sick of receiving spam? Use this reporting service. The original and best reporting service will help you report spam quickly and accurately.

InformIT - Online Guide to Tech Reference
Reference guides, newsletters and information resource on all areas of IT and web design & development. Packed full of ideas and information. A great resource!

Power Phlogger
A comprehensive counter hosting tool for your website.

How The Web Works
A great page explaining what statistics you can and can't calculate when someone connects to your website.

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