Useful Web Design Books

People often write to me asking me to suggest some printed material that they can use as a reference or as a starting point for learning website design. I always maintain that the best way to start out in web design is to get a reference book and to then sit down and experiment with html code and check the results in a browser. Also, try taking small bits of html code from the source of other websites that you like the look of and fiddle around and adapt them to get an idea of how they work.

I have created this page to provide information on useful books themed around all aspects of web design. Whether you are new to web site design or you are an experienced designer looking to brush up on a few skills. All links go straight to as they are the cheapest and best place that I have found.

Learning Web Design - photo of book
Learning Web Design

A foundation course in HTML, and an ideal starting point for learning how to build web pages. The book is structured as four parts. The first is an overview, explaining the Web design process. Next comes an HTML tutorial, tackling page formatting, how to include graphics, tables, frames and colours. The third part is a detailed guide to Web graphics, showing how to optimise both appearance and performance. The final section is about usability and design, showing how to create pages to professional standards.

Designing with Web Standards - photo of book
Designing with Web Standards

The updated version of the popular web standards book from best-selling author, designer, and web standards evangelist Jeffrey Zeldman.

Readers of this guide will learn where web standards come from, how to understand them, how to work with them, how they solve many of the most pressing problems facing Web designers, developers, publishers, and site owners, and more. A very useful book.

High Performance Websites - photo of book
High Performance Web Sites

Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers

A great book for learning how to optimise your websites to ensure that they load fast and efficiently. Especially useful for those with websites that have reached a certain size. Visitor experience is paramount and these days people's demands on browsing are much more strict - they will very quickly leave your website if they can't find the information or if the website loads slowly.

You can view Amazon's entire catalogue of web design books here